The TAK liner firmly holds your jewelry and beauty products in a soft and safe environment, keeping them in place, not allowing your items to become disorganized, tangled, or spilled while providing peace of mind that your items will be right where you put them, safe and secure.

Did You Know? 

I’m Washable!
Wash me out in the sink or shower with warm soapy water. 
P.S. I love to air dry! My Trays are dishwasher safe.
I’m Reusable!
I’ll always be here for you babe. I am reusable and can be used time and time again. My tacky properties will never wear out!
I’m Tacky, but Clean!
I love to share but, I will not leave a sticky residue behind on any of your beauty products. 
I’m Environmentally Friendly!
My tacky liner is made from an all-natural soy bean based oil.
I’m Temperature Resistant
It’s getting hot in here, but don’t worry babe, I won’t melt. Worried about the cold? No worries, I’m from Wisconsin. P.S. It’s often cold there.


100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.